Bliss Consciousness is a hip-hop artist and producer from Long Island, N.Y. Bliss released Bandit, in September of 2017, and has already received a great response, with videos earning more than 300,000 views. His fanbase is growing every day with his constant production of new and exciting content. 

Bliss is currently in the studio working on his sophomore album, Sleep Deprived, Calorie Deficient and Slowly Descending Into Madness, which will be out in April of 2018. His music has been described as "personal, heartfelt and inspirational" by the blog Dope Cause We Said. Bliss Consciousness creates music with a broad appeal, garnering fans from across the globe and the hip-hop spectrum.





"Although Bliss shows his glowing potential on songs where he showcases his talent for operating “Two Phones”, it might be his personal, heartfelt, inspirational joints where he truly shines" -

"Cracking through the surface, Bliss express' a lot of honesty in his lyrics. He is understood through the mental effect living in harsh reality has on a man and when it takes it’s toll on the body and mind."