Beats for "Nothing Stays Gold";"Ride Or Die"; "Biz 101"; "IDGAF"; "All Alone"; "What!" and "It's All Good" provided by Eezzy Beats.

Beats for "1000 Miles A Week"; "Diamond"; "Bandit"; "Pounds Of Dro"; "Way Back Home" and "Never Give In" provided by Fivestar Beats.

Beats for "Die Like This" and "Today's The Day" Provided by Blue Road Music.

Special thanks to Alex Mendes for lending us her beautiful singing voice.

Special thanks to Robert J. Frey of Mind State Media for shooting, directing and editing all of my music videos.

Special thanks to Steve Mecca of MEC Music for recording, mixing and mastering the entire album. He is a genius and without him this album wouldn't be what it is.

This album is dedicated to Bandit, I love you buddy and even though your time with us was short you changed my life forever.